Unlocking the Secrets: Discover Hidden Features in Old Volkswagen and Skoda Models – Polo, Ameo, Vento, Rapid for Enhanced Driving Experience

1. Anti-theft system activation*
Activates car horn as an alarm when the car is forcefully unlocked by inside door levers, like by breaking the glass.

2. Rain Closing Active**
Closes all the windows when rain is detected, even when the car is locked and parked.

3. Coming/Leaving Home**

4. Emergency Flashing Turn Light
Flashers turn indicators when emergency brakes are applied.

5. Emergency Brake Light*
Flashing of brake lights when emergency brakes are applied

6. Tear Wiping***
Wipes the windscreen when after a pause when windshield cleaning is done manually using a washer fluid.

7. Central Locking: Selective Door Locking

8. Comfort Turn Signals
Change lane change turn signal frequency to 4 or 5, instead of default 3

9. Wiper: Rear Wiper Comfort Wiping**
Activated rear wiper when reversing while front wiper is active.

10. Cornering Lamp Activation Threshold (Steering Angle)*

11. Indicator Celebration / Full needle swipe when key turned to ignition.

12. Comfort Turn Signal Abort – Cancels quick turn signal

13. Instant Fuel Consumption

14. Volume to be replenished

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