Special Hidden Features in Volkswagen Skoda Cars

List of possible features for Volkswagen / Skoda 2.0 Cars

Personalize Your Lighting:

  1. Front DRL Magic: Activate DRLs only when the headlight knob is in Auto mode.
  2. Turn off DRL when the handbrake is engaged.
  3. Rear DRL Enable: Enhance visibility from behind with rear DRL activation by turning on the rear running lights.
  4. Lane Change Perfection: Increase lane change signal blinks for optimal visibility.
  5. Tail Light Symphony: Create a synchronized visual experience with tail lights that blink with indicators.

Upgrade Your Cockpit Experience:

  1. Start-Stop Pulsation: Give a cool look to the start-stop button with a pulsating light.
  2. Remote Control Mastery: Lock/unlock your car with the fob, even with the engine running, for total convenience. Comes in handy when the driver is out of the car for some reason with passengers inside. Useful for VWs
  3. Safety Reminders: Get clear ignition active messages when ANY OF THE doors are open(ed).
  4. Silence Speed Warnings: Eliminate 80 km/h and 120 km/h beeps for a quieter ride.
  5. Brake Light for Boot Lid: Enhance visibility when the boot lid is open by brake light activation.
  6. Theatre-Like Ambiance: Create a dramatic interior with the theatre dimming effect.
  7. Fan Speed: Always know your AC fan speed, even in auto mode.

Enhance Driving Dynamics:

  1. Steering Feel Customization: Make the steering feel heavier to make you feel in better command and a soft feel.
  2. Sharper Throttle Response: Experience more immediate acceleration with a sharper throttle.

Maximize Convenience and Security:

  1. Auto-Lock for Effortless Security: Secure your car automatically when all doors are closed, and the driver door is closed. The key should not be in the car, of course. Also, once this is enabled, the auto-mirror-folding won’t work. One needs to unlock and lock using the key fob to fold the mirrors.
  2. Effortless Exit: Enjoy automatic car unlocking when park mode is engaged in automatic gearbox cars.
  3. Anti-Theft Alarm Activation: Deter thieves with a powerful anti-theft alarm. The alarm buzzes the horn when someone tries to open the car from the door’s inside lever, like when trying to do this by breaking the glass.
  4. ORVM Folding with a Touch: To reduce wear and tear, select to fold mirrors with a long press of the lock button, instead of locking them automatically every time the car is locked.

Discover these hidden features and more to unlock the full potential of your VW/Skoda 2.0 car!

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